From Vinyl to Mp3 – How listening to music is changed

At the time of our grandparents, the reproduction of the musical tracks traveled on thin grooves in the vinyl disc, along which they moved arm and needle of the turntable; and the charm was given by this element: the moment of pause and the croaking sound that preceded the beginning of the piece and that silenced everyone.
Years later you were cool if you could bring your own music in your pocket with the famous walkman with the magical rewindable cassette. With oversized hooded sweatshirt, walkman in the pocket and black and large headphones our parents went to meet friends walking through the streets of their city.

With the beginning of the new century the boom in technology has led to important developments also for music. A new style has spread and with it a different way of listening to your favorite songs.

First born was the mythical Compact Disc, on which whole albums were burnt; then it was the turn of the MP3 reader.

Smaller but always wider range of action and diffusion, the Mp3 was our favorite hobby during school trips. Bus trips were so pleasant and short, lost in the words of Madonna, Tiziano Ferro and many others.

Everything that was cool will be back soon in fashion. This is the case of vinyl, which has begun to peep out among the shelves of the now few record stores. A completely renewed vinyl, this is certain, which offers a much better reproduction of sound than its distant predecessor, but which in practice does not have substantial changes. We just have to sit in the armchair and enjoy the full album, without pauses or jumps of the less interesting tracks, as it should always be.

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