The best app to recognize a song

Do you remember the 90s, when was the time for the music match tv programs? People capable of recognizing a song just listening few notes were common and automatization of tha was pure science fiction!

But now, like Apple like to say, “That’s an app for that!”.

The best and more used app able do recognize a song immediately is the world famous “Shazam” for both Android and iOS devices. Shazam has a huge database of songs and a smart and fast alorithm that matches the recording with the actual song in seconds. You can also listen to the song matched (just few seconds) without registering an account!

Another very popular app is “MusixMatch”, it does the same but with different functionality. You can also like the first recognize a song in seconds, but you can also become a singer and improvise a karaoke with the Floating Lyrics. The Lyric of the song appers on tje screen and you can also read and understand what you are listening to. It’s also possible to transalte lyrics in other languages for free!

The future is now, are you prepared? Let’s download!

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