Famous singers in disguise

Wheather by fun or true passion for music, there are even more famous singers that make a surprise appearance in the streets or in the underground but without anyone could identify them.

This happened to Miley Cyrus, young popstar, who planned this particular joke in occasion of the tv program “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”. She swept the dust off of her Hannah Montana’s costume, wearing the perfect outfit of a cowgirl: long black wig, big sunglasses, jeans and a blouse. She was fantastic in her version of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” going around to the New York Subway with Jimmy Fallon and his excellent musicians. Soon every carriage that host the country singer started singing and dancing, turning a boring trip to work in a funny party anyone wouldn’t leave. During the interview at the show she declared it was the first time she took the subway and was an incredible experience. Even if at the beginning noone was able to recognize the young girl, once she took off wig and glasses the crowd started screaming her name, asking for another song.

Miley Cyrus was certainly not the only famous singer to do such experience. Years ago was the time, for example, of the Maroon 5 playing “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” or “Sugar” of the magnificent rockband Queen.  So let’s keep our eyes open cause each day could be good to meet a VIP!

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