When the expression “feel the vibes” becomes literal

Have you ever heard of a music concert for hearing-impaired people? It sounds strange and a little bit nasty if you think, but it is recently become possible.

We are in Netherlands where the compositor Kyteman, supported by Vodafone Firsts, organized a special musical performance dedicated to people who can’t hear sounds properly. The idea came from a dutch student Vera Van Dijk, who recently was operated to implant a listening device in order to help her hearing. The young girl and the compositor worked together to tune a Sam Smith’s song “Stay with Me” so that could be heard also by her friends. Normal people tend to underscore the incredible sensation of feeling something, but for anyone to which it’s been precluded for so long it’s very different.

Performed by an orchestra of 18 members, the concert has been a real success by involving more than 400 people. Obviously the tracks weren’t played normally, but at a particular frequency who enable also hearing-impaired people to enjoy the performance. “It has been overwhelming” declared Kyteman “a real challenge for me and I understood that we succeeded when I looked at the crowd and I saw their happy faces. I was so happy me too”.

We wish this sort of experience could be more frequent in the future, cause everyone deserves to get goose bumps once in his life.

Watch the video of Vera’s full experience:

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